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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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Just after abandoning the Yin Real estate and going back to her home, Ye Wanwan was still shaken.
She still possessed to think of a method to understand Yin Yuerong much better if not one day, she would be tricked by Yin Yuerong and yet be unaware.
Qin Xiyuan’s eyeballs icily glinted. “What is your opinion?”
Ever since Yi Yunmo made an appearance, each of her brilliance and elegance was thieved by that lady.
Yin Heng desired to say some thing but have been ending themselves.
“Dad, will you agree to a few things i stated or maybe not?” Qin Xiyuan expected, taking a look at V . P . Qin.
Ye Wanwan still didn’t know Yin Yuerong perfectly. Although Initial Elder had scouted for quite a few the specifics of Yin Yuerong, it wasn’t complete.
“Dad, should you accept the things i mentioned or otherwise?” Qin Xiyuan inquired, looking at Vice President Qin.
The sole pitiful element about her visit to Yun Location was that Tangtang attended Yi Shuihan’s area, so she didn’t see him. Due to the fact her time in Yun Metropolis was minimal, she didn’t stay.
“Even so, I’ll reach her down from the clouds and slam her within the depths of your abyss with my own, personal palms! She’ll never be reincarnated!”
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“Why would you ask if you recognized?” Qin Xiyuan snorted. “Yi Yunmo will depend on the reality that she’s the President’s daughter and proceeds about together with her nostrils from the atmosphere. She has zero regard for my dad and me. I heard that she even berated Director Yin ahead of everyone.”
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She still got to think about a technique to understand Yin Yuerong greater or otherwise 1 day, she could be tricked by Yin Yuerong and yet be naive.
“Heh… the weather would transform?” Qin Xiyuan snorted. “I want the heavens to begin with raining.”
Even Si Yehan, who she secretly appreciated, was successfully handled by that b*tch…
That night-time, right after Ye Wanwan and Yi Lingjun ate an evening meal with each other, she dragged a vanis.h.i.+ng take action with Yi Lingjun’s a.s.sistance and made a vacation directly back to Yun City. She retrieved her ident.i.ty as Worriless Nie and intentionally appeared within the Fearless Alliance in a very elegant approach. She also came back to the Nie dwelling very often and been to her parents while she was at it.
“You’re amazing, Madam,” Auntie Qiao lauded her which has a smile.
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Ye Wanwan never envisioned Yin Yuerong to acquire a lot of tips up her sleeve, close to causing her to drop her disguise. She still greatly underrated Yin Yuerong. Of course, that gal was Ah-Jiu’s new mother, so, just how could she be considered a normal lady?
Ye Wanwan still didn’t know Yin Yuerong effectively. Even though Very first Elder acquired scouted for several specifics of Yin Yuerong, it wasn’t extensive.
A couple of days later during the Qin house at Tianshui Location:
“Yuanyuan, you mustn’t be impulsive.” Yin Heng considered Qin Xiyuan by using a profound frown. “You should know that Yi Yunmo is President Yi’s little girl. If anything happened to her, including the weather conditions would transform over Tianshui City.”
“Father, do you consent to a few things i claimed or otherwise?” Qin Xiyuan required, checking out Vice President Qin.
Yin Heng wanted to say a little something but ended up stopping him or her self.
What perfect performed that female have?! Something she couldn’t obtain was easily stolen by that girl!
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Late into the evening, Qin Xiyuan went to Vice President Qin’s analysis.

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