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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2353 Tangtang Takes After Mommy! travel continue
Ye Wanwan’s view brightened. She was overfilled with fulfillment. “Hahaha, you’re appropriate, toddler. My baby’s EQ clearly takes immediately after mine!”
Tangtang behaved pretty loyally and responded, “I discovered my own self.”
Ye Wanwan gently stated, “That’s ideal! In reality, your grandfather along with the other people misinterpreted. Your grandma is… millimeters, she has some difficulties with her EQ. She just doesn’t appear to be simple to get on with, but she’s actually an excellent man or woman!”
Ye Wanwan was astonished. “Paternal Grandma?”
Ye Wanwan’s voice turned as soothing as drinking water simultaneously. “h.e.l.lo, baby?”
Lin Que’s face darkened. “I spoke with you for such a long time, but the truth is won’t even provide me a cupful of green tea and so are kicking me out such as this? You throw me away as soon as you don’t require me ever again? Aren’t you too heartless?!”
“Uncle advised me.”
Tangtang: “Mommy…”
Ye Wanwan was surprised. “Paternal Grandmother?”
Ye Wanwan rubbed her forehead exasperatedly and hastily claimed, “Don’t enjoy their nonsense. It’s completely bogus. Mommy didn’t get bullied, and Grandmother isn’t that intimidating. Grandma is quite nice and snacks Mommy adequately.”
“Granddad explained.”
When Ye Wanwan listened to Lin Que sharing with her about Si Yehan’s youth, she was utterly astonished.
Tangtang: “Mommy…”
Tangtang additional, “Furthermore, i been told it from Grandaddy and Grandma…”
The tiny fella did actually hesitate for just a moment before worriedly stating, “No. Tangtang is actually concered about Mommy… Mommy, will be there a person bullying you?”
The small fella appeared to hesitate for a moment before worriedly indicating, “No. Tangtang is simply concerned about Mommy… Mommy, will be there anyone bullying you?”
Tangtang extra, “Also i been told it from Grandaddy and Grandma…”
Ye Wanwan quickly responded, “Certainly! Would Mommy lie to you?”
Si Yehan was stripped of almost all of the goodness out of this environment. She didn’t prefer to enable Tangtang inherit these unfavorable thoughts or tolerate resentment and concern.
Tangtang added, “Also i read it from Grandaddy and Grandma…”
Ye Wanwan used her wise to make herself just forget about Yin Yuerong’s chilly facial area and uttered those words and phrases with issues.
A single message from Mommy and Tangtang right away out of stock Grandfather, Grandfather, and Granny.
Tangtang solved immediately, “That’s proper. Grandmother is quite mean and incredibly terrifying and won’t enable you to be around Daddy. And she’s bullying Mommy.”

Thank goodness, Child Tangtang was effortless to pacify and would consider every thing she mentioned. He obediently promised her: “Millimeters, Mommy, Tangtang is aware of. Tangtang won’t hear other people’s nonsense ever again.”
The little fella seemed to be reluctant for just a moment before worriedly saying, “No. Tangtang is definitely concered about Mommy… Mommy, can there be somebody bullying you?”
Lin Que: “…” She actually found through that? Okay, you win!
“So good…” As Ye Wanwan asserted that, she contemplated some thing and suddenly sensed slightly unnerved and sighed. “Ay, Little one, Mommy’s actually concerned with your long term EQ… what if you inherited your dad’s along with your grandmother’s EQ? What could we do…”
Lin Que: “…” She actually noticed through that? Fine, you acquire!
Si Yehan was removed of many of the goodness because of this entire world. She didn’t want to just let Tangtang inherit these damaging feelings or deal with resentment and fear.
Ye Wanwan frowned sincerely. “Eh? Who told you this nonsense?”
Tangtang instantly comforted her with no hesitation: “Don’t stress, Mommy! Tangtang takes following Mommy!”
When Ye Wanwan heard Lin Que revealing her about Si Yehan’s childhood, she was utterly amazed.

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